29 July 2017: A Change of Plans


This weekend was Open Farm Weekend in Goshen.  We have gone a few times, and have really enjoyed getting to see more of some of Connecticut’s farms.  The plan was to leave tennis lessons on time, which we did, and to come straight home, shower, pack and depart, with the goal of reaching Goshen by Noon, which we accomplished, except the last point.  Try as hard as we might, there was no way we were going to make Goshen in time for a milking demonstration at Thorncrest Farms.

We pondered this on our way up Route 8.  Lara also wanted to see the goats at Ivy Mountain Farm. There was still time for that of course, and a stop at Mohawk Bison and Milkhouse Chocolates.  There would even be time for some vineyards, but which ones?  It was then that Lara asked if I had remembered our Wine Trail Passports.  Frantically running through my preparations and packing, revealed that, once again, I had forgotten the passports in my haste to loads the car and leave on time.

Our enthusiasm cooled immediately.  It had been a vigorous morning of tennis, and the rush to pack, coming after a long work week let us drained.  Did we really want to rush about?

“Are we near Young’s”, Lara at last asked.

Yes, we were, and so we drove through the center of Watertown to Young’s Longrange Farms.  They’ve opened a new retail space the better to sell their beef, pork, chicken, and produce.  We parked by the barn, and made a point of stopping by the goat pen before going inside.  Come what may, Lara was getting her goat fix!


We were in for a treat.  In addition to the usual beef and pork they had chicken, and some lamb.  I was hoping for ground lamb, to use in a Lebanese stuffed bread, but that they did not have.  We picked up various meats, cucumbers and some really great fresh Kale.

We enjoyed a really tasty ribeye that night with the kale and chimichurri.  Can’t wait to try the fresh brisket!


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